​​About Paris ICT

The Paris Institute of Childcare Training (Paris ICT) is offering a select group of English speaking candidates the opportunity to undertake a paid for dedicated childcare diploma in Paris. 

We are the only training centre in Paris to provide this opportunity to native English speakers. Based in the heart of Paris, our childcarers will have the chance to live and work in France and improve both their childcaring and French-speaking skills.

About the CAP programme

This course focuses on child education in a home environment and in collective structures for children aged up to 6 years old. It includes a range of key modules split into two main categories - professional and general subjects. 

The professional childcare subjects include:
- looking after the child at home
- the child’s education (collective structures)
- practical techniques/health and environment

The general subjects include:

- French, History and Geography (with a French focus)
- Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Exams consist of written and oral tests in French as well as completing two reports – one about your work placements and another for the history/geography module.  
See some examples of previous papers at : 

- http://www.crdp-montpellier.fr/ressources/examens/consultation/epreuves.aspx?choixdip=5003320200
- http://www.espace-concours.fr/vsp-2006-cap-petite-enfance.php

- http://www.bankexam.fr/etablissement/30-CAP-Petite-Enfance 
(ignore foreign language options)

Our teachers are bilingual to help you along the way.

In addition candidates also work for a family every weekday where they can put the theory into practice.

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Paris Institute of Childcare Training

Post CAP

​Once you have obtained the CAP diploma you will be qualified to...

Provide childcare in a home setting :

In your own home (either as an employee of a private company or a family crèche; not a corporation) on the condition that you have been authorised to do so by the local council.

In a family home (as an employee of a private company or an agency providing help at home).

Provide childcare in collective structures such as
- all establishments welcoming young children (under 6) :
- Nursery School 
- Crèche 
- Day Nursery 
- Extra-curricular child-minding 
- Recreation/Leisure Centre/Holiday Clubs

​​Please note that with a CAP diploma you cannot become a teacher in a public school in France. ​If you wish to enter the teaching profession after the CAP diploma, you will need to undertake a separate teaching degree that can last three or four years.

​Public schools are strict in France and you would need this additional teaching degree.​

​However, with the CAP diploma and thanks to the work placements you will be doing, you could be offered a job in a private bilingual crèche (or maybe even a private bilingual pre-school) in France. There are many opportunities for these posts and you would take on an assistant type position.